Applied Electromagnetism (Chemistry Lessons #4), by Susannah Nix

OMG - I absolutely adored this book! Olivia grabbed my heart right away with her anxiety about her career and the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field, and then Adam, however gorgeous, comes off as a total jerk, and I thought - well, that’s it. I hope there’s another hero in this book because I’d NEVER forgive that! …Except that of course I did, and that’s because of the way Nix writes and the humanity of these characters, and suddenly you see things from a different perspective, and it melts your heart. I had so much in common with Olivia, and while Adam learns from Olivia, I felt like I was learning with her from Adam: maybe I don’t always have to carry a sewing kit around “in case.” Maybe I don’t have to carry one around in case someone *else* needs a sewing kit….

I love road trip rom coms (my favorite romance genre!!), and this had all the fun of one of those trips where everything that can go wrong does, and there’s just the right balance of seriously high stakes and comedy. A sheer delight from beginning to end!