Past Lives, by Heidi J. Hewett

The body of a dead teenager, a missing person's cold case, and a small boy who remembers being murdered in a past life....

Mike Doyle’s first case in Investigations is looking less like a botched robbery and more like the targeted killing of a busboy at Sammy’s diner. When one of the waitresses, Jill, finds out her best friend’s son seems to be channeling memories of a past life, she enlists Mike’s help in reopening her fiancé’s missing person's case as a murder investigation. But is Ethan Penrose’s disappearance a lead or a lost cause? Mike has his own active murder investigation to pursue. The deeper he goes, the more connections keep cropping up as he and Jill unearth the town’s long-buried secrets and a deadly imminent threat in this New England police procedural with a paranormal twist.

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