The Progeny: The Legacy of Jude Mooney, by Viola Russell

The story continues from Book 1, FROM ICE WAGON TO CLUBHOUSE, picking up in 1936 with Jude Mooney and Maeve’s sons, the twins Daniel and Paul who have joined the fight for Irish independence in Belfast. Jude, in New Orleans, is now a rich man, remarried to the young, ruthless Nieve. He’s sold his soul to provide for his family, and now he wants nothing more than to give his new daughter, Aoife, a “respectable” start in society. But war with Germany is approaching, and none of the Mooney family will remain untouched. Daniel and Paul set aside their hatred of the British to join the RAF and fight Hitler’s Luftwaffe, going on to take part in dangerous espionage missions while Jude’s niece and nephew do their own part to help the war effort in the Pacific theater.

The book is a sweeping family saga that spans the globe and follows the extended Mooney family over the years. The deepest currents that push and pull Jude, Daniel, and Paul are the women they love, making this a particularly lush, sensual telling of a fascinating period of history from an Irish-American perspective.