Twitch Force: A Poetry Collection, by Michael Redhill

“I was in the hall mirror all yesterday, the next morning gone.

The grade had steepened, things were sliding off.

Everything looked normal if you held your head funny.

My speech impediment makes others appear bowlegged to me.

Run your tongue over my teeth, Try to talk like that…”

I know Michael Redhill primarily as a novelist, from his Inger Ash Wolfe literary crime mysteries to his most recent Bellevue Square which deals with mental health and identity disassociation, and I find his work just fascinating.

It is dark, and this poetry collection has a similar darkness to it: embodied existence weighs heavily, time and meaning are looming questions, but I can relate at times to this way of seeing the world. I don’t pretend to understand all the poems here, but I like them very much. They stretch my brain. My favorites in this collection are: “Askew” “Forms” “Charlatans” “Search Engines” “Plant Tomatoes Under a Full Moon” “Mycelium” “Scar Tissue” “Bitten” “Cunnilingus” and “Myodesopsia.”