Laura and the Railroad Baron (Montana Women #4), by Nancy Pirri

Montana in the late 1880s, from the modern perspective, represents an intriguing mix of wilderness and formality, and this is what Pirri captures in her Montana Women series. On the one hand, the women are stronger and more independent because they live on the frontier, but there is also a courtliness to the manners between men and women that belongs to a bygone age.

This is a fun, short romance about Laura, a woman struggling to open her heart because of the guilt and grief she’s still holding onto from her past, and Matt, a railroad baron with a young son, who unexpectedly finds himself put in the position of Laura’s guardian when her father dies. Wealthy, headstrong, and used to getting her way, Laura isn’t going to make it easy for him, and Matt decides the best course of action is to marry her off as quickly as possible….