Rhythm in Blue, by Hope Malory

Rhythm in Blue continues the McLemore family Azalea Valley Series. The characters I loved in Hope Malory’s Wildfire & Roses are back in this beautiful, small town nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, with the story focusing on Beasley’s sister Brenner.

When the man she thought she loved betrays her, Brenner decides happy endings are for other people, like her sister and Will, but definitely not for her. She’s not sure she can allow herself to get close to a man after an encounter in her past turned ugly.

When Garrett Davenport arrives in Azalea Valley to manage the dance studio where Brenner works, he sees she’s determined to maintain a professional relationship with him, but dancing together is as effortless and natural as breathing, and sparks fly as they practice for a fundraising event to raise money for the local hospital. Everyone can tell they belong together, but how can he convince Brenner?

With a family mystery to unravel and rich descriptions of delicious food, caring friends and family, and peaceful, natural beauty, Rhythm in Blue is a delight to escape into. Look for the third book in the series, Blue Skies of Summer, coming soon!