A Test of Wills, by Charles Todd

Ian Rutledge returns from WWI a shattered man, attempting to carry on, haunted by the voice of a man whose execution he ordered. But the idyllic English countryside still harbors death, and Rutledge pursues the case, uncovering relationships and secret tragedies that go back to the war and before in this English village.

I enjoyed this period mystery very much, which is more grave than a “cozy,” but not as grim as Rennie Airth. There are several nice twists along the way that I didn’t see coming, and I loved the attention to setting, particularly the description of the country and the gardens. A TEST OF WILLS is the first book in the Ian Rutledge series. “Charles Todd,” the mother-son writing team, also have a separate Bess Crawford mystery series which follows a WWI nurse that I’m looking forward to reading.