Broken, by Melony Paradise

Alyssa has a good job as the personal assistant to Kayn, the commander of the alien race, the Szu’Kara, who stepped in after the devastating Resource Wars on Earth. She’s had a crush on the handsome alien for years, and not long ago, they’ve taken their relationship to another level, during which Kayn initiated her in a heaven-like mystical experience, a foretaste of where the Szu’Kara promise all humanity will go when they are ready.

It all looks (and feels) much too good to be true, as Alyssa discovers when she accidentally ends up pregnant—are their species even compatible? And how will Kayn react to the news? And why is she now being treated differently? As the threads of deception begin to unravel, Alyssa quickly discovers her friends and enemies are not who she thought as she struggles to reconcile the Kayn she thinks she loves with what she’s being told about him. Her feelings are complicated by her growing attraction to Sebastian, the leader of the rebel movement, as the book hurtles toward its shocking, gut-punch of a conclusion.