Featured Book: The Hitman's Mistake, by Sally Brandle

I have a soft spot for law enforcement. Particularly if that FBI agent has a secluded mountain cabin in Montana, and especially if said FBI agent can cook up a delicious trout dinner with Apple Brown Betty for dessert!

The Hitman’s Mistake is sweet romance about Miranda, a woman on the run after she witnesses a mob hit on a judge, and the agent, Grant, who must put duty over desire as he tries to figure out if he can trust her and how to protect her and his family when the killers follow Miranda to the town of Emma Springs. It’s a story that reminds you about the importance of family, friends (human and equine), fresh air, and natural beauty.

One of the most moving things for me was the strong, supportive friendships Miranda, who has lost her own family, is able to rely on in her journey to reclaiming her power. She receives love and support from her friend, Corrin, as well as Shirley, the judge’s wife, and Pat, Grant’s mother, and the mule, Big Red, with whom she forms a strong bond. I was excited to see there is a second book in the Love Thrives in Emma Springs series, Torn by Vengeance.

If you have a moment, please check out her website, www.sallybrandle.com, and sign up for her email list! The Hitman’s Mistake is out in ebook; print edition coming out this November.