Remedial Rocket Science, by Susannah Nix

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OMG, Remedial Rocket Science by Susanna Nix is the reason I read romance! It’s smart, funny, breaks my heart into pieces and puts it back together with Scotch tape. I made the mistake of picking up the book at bedtime and then was absolutely hooked, reading until the wee hours, because I had to make sure these precious people were going to be happy before I could leave them alone.

Then I woke up the next morning about bought the next two books in the “Chemistry Lessons” series, plus her book of short stories, plus pre-ordered her newest romance, Rising Star, coming out Nov. 8, 2018.

I loved Nix’s STEM/geek girl heroines - she had me in chapter one when Melody muses “it was possible she’d just leapt out of Jabba the Hutt’s barge and into the sarlacc pit.” Where else am I going to find references to X-Files, Fringe, The Princess Bride, and Jane Austen all together?

And I loved her hero, who was requisitely rich and impossibly good-looking, but also so heart-meltingly lonely and unsure of himself. And he was nice, despite some spicy bad-boy past, which matters to me: Jeremy and Melody spend much of the book baling each other out, being each other’s support, and if that isn’t what love is 95% about, what is? Absolutely delightful read.