An Accidental Love Affair, by Davida Ann Samenski

The last thing North Carolina country-girl and aspiring romance author, Nicole Delancey, expected on her dash through JFK, was to run into British actor and Hollywood “It Boy,” Reese Collins. Literally run into. One black eye and an upgraded ticket to first class later, he’s reading over her latest manuscript, and she’s concocting a clever plan to get him past the paparazzi waiting for him at Heathrow.

For Nicole—once she gets over her first star-struck moment—it’s a kind of embarrassing, once-in-a-lifetime event, but the media isn’t done with her, and neither is Reese, who’s smitten.

This is a rollicking, emotional roller-coaster of ride, from the charming Meet Cute, to hot sex, to misunderstandings and breakups, to more hot makeup sex, all the way to HEA.