Figments, by Toni Burnley

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to understand reality.”

This is one of those extraordinary, wildly original, brilliant books where you have to be willing to trust the various narrative threads will all come together in the end (and they do!). It’s a dazzling ride that touches on everything from quantum tunneling, to mind/body dualism, the possibility of reincarnation, Shakespeare, Existentialism, multiple personalities, and the problem of how we know what is true? I was completely fascinated.

The book is partly an exploration of good and evil. One of the central throughlines is abuse, and there are parts of the book that were so shocking I nearly gave up, but if you keep going, the level of psychological insight and the genius of the work as a whole is absolutely worth it. A stunning book. I would read anything this author writes in the future. Reminded me of Michael Redhill’s BELLEVUE SQUARE and Herman Hesse.