Arabian Days, by Barbara Russell

A delightful YA adventure through a magical world set in Babylon, around the time of the Persian Wars, but with dragons and steam-powered flying carpets, magical mirrors and mechanical butterflies. Ashur, who has lost his family, disfigured in battle, and taken into slavery, is suffering from an unusual curse and unable to race any more after a terrible accident. Chloe is a Spartan warrior, turned spy, turned thief, to recover a lost treasure for her king, when her life becomes entangled with Ashur’s. Now both of them are on a mission to track down Ashur’s evil doppelganger. But binding him will turn out to be a lot more difficult than either of them think.

Russell does it again, with sweet, courageous characters and a fantastical world that is bursting with imagination! Loved it. Didn’t want this story to end!