Just An Illusion, by Jude Haste

Sophia has been relocated from her company’s UK head office to a small branch in Delhi, where she works for a narcissistic, authoritarian nightmare of a boss. A chance encounter down a back alley introduces her to Arjun, and sparks fly. Unfortunately, he’s getting married. When the bride gets cold feet, Sophia tries to help her out, only to get caught up in the ceremony…. Or was that Arjun’s plan all along? Who is he anyway? And does she really want to carry on this charade of a marriage to an Indian mobster? Her head is telling her one thing, but her body disagrees. As for Arjun—? He knows he’s not her first, but he’s determined to be her last!

This is a short novella about finding love in unexpected places, standing up for yourself, and giving back.