Not Another Family Wedding, by Jackie Lau

NOT ANOTHER FAMILY WEDDING has everything I’d hope for in a romantic comedy—the wedding mishaps, the big crazy family, the woman trying and failing at managing the chaos, and happily-ever-after friends-to-lovers. <SIGH!>

This stands out, however, because the characters are deeply human, and the love scenes are heart-shattering, ego-shattering...just beautiful. I love the heroine, Natalie, because while she’s throwing all this energy into fearing what her family could do wrong, she’s unable to manage her own emotions at a critical point. And I love the hero, Connor, because he’s not the typical ‘alpha’ male. He manages to be supportive and not steal limelight, while still being a multi-dimensional character with his own arc.

And I really appreciated Lau’s style, which is the anti-thesis of ‘big’ cliché scenes. The attraction comes in flickers, rather than a stagy Hollywood ‘Meet Cute.’ The end is heartfelt and satisfying without being a ridiculous, implausible ‘Grand Gesture,’ and you sense these people are going to be happier and together longer because it has been subtle and gradual, understated rather than over-the-top. Just loved it. Promptly bought the next book in the series about Natalie’s cousin Iris. Can’t wait!