Silver Screen Sleuths Anthology (ed. Nicole Petit)

I love the clever concept of this seven-short-mystery set in which iconic actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood turn amateur sleuths to investigate crime. Part of the fun is that these stars are so famous (like Vincent Price, Lucille Ball, Jimmy Stewart, Errol Flynn, etc.) that you can instantly picture then and hear their voices in your head!

The anthology includes stories by some of my favorite writers: Josh Reynolds, Jon Black, Nicole Petit & James Bojaciuk, C.L. Werner, M.H. Norris, William Martin, and John Linwood Grant.

I liked them all. The first story, “Green Hell, Red Murder” with Vincent Price is hilarious. “A Scandal in Hollywood” is a terrific take-off on my beloved Sherlock Holmes with a clever villain. I love Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers and screwball comedy movies, and “Nice Work If You Can Get It” captures the feel of these classic movies with Rogers and Lucille Ball and Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda all piling in to solve the case. “The Unfilmable” was particularly creepy, and I liked “Screen Time” with the grown up Shirley Temple investigating a case of cold war espionage in Berlin. “Ghosts Don’t Leave Footprints” was fun, because I used to be madly in love with old Errol Flynn movies when I was a kid, and I really enjoyed “Death Among the Marigolds” with actress Margaret Rutherford and playwright Noel Coward.