The Boy Who Killed Santa, by Barbara Russell

13-year-old Hau is having a rough year. He’s still adjusting to having a new stepsister and stepfather, and he’s bullied at school. Hau knows he’s different—for one thing, he sees fairies—but it isn’t easy being called a schizo-crepdo and periodically getting beaten up. Sometimes it feels like his best friend Sarah, who is mute and understands being ‘different,’ is the only one who really gets him.

Christmas is the worst, because he can’t but help remember it was on Christmas that he watched Santa kill his father. If only Hau could get his revenge…. Maybe his father would even come back if he could just kill Santa, which is how, one day, Hau finds himself in a strange little bookshop down a strange little alley that he’s never seen on any map.

Things do not, however, go as expected…which is where the book gets even more fun in this hilarious fairy tale holiday mash up!