In the Space of an Atom, by Bruce M. Perrin

Everything goes sideways for Jeremy Reynolds when his boss’s assistant, ‘Tom Jones’ tries to kill him for no apparent reason. Even worse, when he goes to the police, he discovers his boss, the assistant, and the tech company he’s been working for don’t officially exist. All he’s left with in the way of proof is the vest he was wearing when he escaped—oh, and Jones is still trying to kill him.

It’s a very special vest, though. One that enables the wearer to quantum tunnel, and together with the beautiful Dr. Diane Stapleton, Jeremy sets off on a quest to unravel the truth and turn the tables on his pursuers.

I thought the concept was fascinating and liked the adventure. The romance didn’t persuade me, but I’m a woman, and I think men will enjoy it. With the title, “In the Space of an Atom,” I was hoping for something like “Ant Man,” but the quantum tunneling was still a very cool idea. I really liked watching Jeremy figuring out the puzzle of the mysterious, disappearing business, a little like Conan Doyle’s “The Red-Headed League.” Lots of fun.