Aydarr, by Veronica Scott

Tech Sergeant Jill Garrison wakes up on her own in a pink satin negligee in ‘the Preserve,’ an experimental testing ground for an alien race known as the Khagrish. She’s a fighter by nature, but even a strong women appreciates a helping hand when trapped by two vermores interested in feeding her to their poisonous nestlings.

It doesn’t hurt that Aydarr, the alpha of a pack of genetically-engineered super soldiers is kind to her and built like…well, as you’d imagine a genetically-engineered super soldier would be.

Her odds of staying alive certainly appear better as Adyarr’s mate and part of the pack, but they are all prisoners. With the help of a 10,000 year-old A.I. named MARL, Jill must find out what happened to her sisters and the other human colonists who were taken, and help Aydarr’s Badari warriors in their competition to survive the winnowing of their genetic line the Khagrish have planned.