Featured Book: Love Cookin', by Lois Carroll

“Sometimes a person just needs a little push to get on the trail to their dreams.”

Sandi Cramer stars in a cooking show on the local TV station in her small town. She also does all the prep and clean up, because it’s a small outfit, and family-run. Or used to be, until her uncle was forced to sell and Josh Pressman came to town, tasked with turning the station around and making it profitable—or shutting it down.

Josh has big plans for where he wants to be by 40, and it’s definitely not in a little town in Iowa. As a manager, he knows feelings shouldn’t play a part in making decisions, but the more he sees of Sandi, the more he wants to stick around.

When a series of “accidents” beset the failing station, Sandi is forced to conclude someone is behind the sabotage. Are they targeting the station, or Sandi herself? Josh makes her knees weak and her stomach flutter, but can she trust him?

Includes a recipe for Crustless Ham and Three-Cheese Quiche!

Lois Carroll is a wife, mother, and grandmother. All profits of Love Cookin’ go to Sophie’s Smocks, a service project that gives free feeding/craft smocks to kids and adults with Angelman Syndrome.

Please join me in supporting her & her cause!