Featured Book: My Life As A Star, by Ruth Kaufman

42-year-old Marla Goldberg from My Life as an Extra continues her pursuit of fame and fortune as an actress in this second book. When she lands a part in her first national TV commercial as a tap dancing zucchini in a produce kick line, life hands her a golden opportunity to advance her career and maybe even discover the love of her life.

Movie direct Scott Sampson, a.k.a. ‘Great Scott,’ has sizzling Ian Somerhalder blue eyes, perfect Viggo Mortensen chin, Johnny Depp’s aura of sexy mystery, an English accent more scrumptious than Benedict Cumberbatch’s, and a smile that even at a distance can pierce like Cupid’s arrow.

But is success all it’s cracked up to be? Is Scott?

Spunky, humorous, and determined, Marla is an appealing heroine who keeps readers turning pages.

Ruth Kaufman also writes medieval romance - I just purchased My Once & Future Love!