Contingency Plan, by Robyn Bachar

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“It’s not your life. It’s your past…. What you do now is up to you.”

Chen Jiang, former enemy intelligence agent, has a malfunctioning chip in her brain. At the end of book #1 in the Galactic Cold War series, she flees the only home she’s ever known—the rogue ship Mombassa—terrified she’d betray the crew against her will. Now she’s on a mission to the deserted, radioactive colony of Arzamas-16 where the access panels know more about her than she does herself, but if she wants to return, she needs to find out the truth about her past.

Accompanying her is Ryder Kalani, Chief of Security for the Mombassa, a hulking ex-marine with an allergy to clothing, a prosthetic arm, and a deep need to protect and rescue. Not that Jiang needs rescuing. She’s made that quite clear.

I love this series. I ADORED this book, which has a “Total Recall” slant to it. I love Bachar’s multi-ethnic universe, which reminds me of “Firefly.” Her characters are strong and weak, beautiful and damaged. They have troubled pasts but have retained their humanity and work together. Just a ton of fun. Made me laugh, hooked my curiosity, and touched my heart.

I just pre-ordered Book #3!