Featured Book: A Knight in Distress, by Barbara Russell

17-year-old, russet-skinned, golden-eyed Nathair of the Snake clan longs to be a knight. To join the order of the Swan, he sets out on a quest with his trusty sword Durland, his horse Fireheart, and a clockwork knight named Dagonet to rescue the Princess of Summerland who is being held against her will in Wolvenshire Castle by the wizard Lord Torgall – except that Nathair promptly falls into a deadly trap. Quick thinking allows him to cast a stilling charm that freezes him in place, but then there he is, hovering above the spear tips, suspended in the air like a flying squirrel, and after half an hour the charm is going to wear off, at which point he will plummet to his death. Swyve! (And if you don’t know what that means, you should look it up!)

Luckily, Princess Bryhannon has a brain and knows how to use it, if only she can avoid being caught by the Reapers and put in their Exterminator Maleficarum, which is only the beginning of their YA adventures through an amazing world of Arthurian Steampunk populated by Goths and Saxons and Vikings as well as shape-shifting daemons, dragons, mind-wrens, witches, teleportation charms, runelocks, and something very like an Engima machine and possibly a submarine….