Featured Book: Stay Hidden, by Leigh Fleming

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Riley Smith and FBI Agent Derek Bronson were made for each other, as they discover when they meet through a mutual friend’s wedding: one night of breathless passion turns into two, turns into three, and Riley realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart completely. She’s already stayed too long in Highland Springs. Love like this is for other people, because Riley has a terrible secret in her past, and the man chasing her, Tyler Power, won’t quit.

But before she can leave town, she’s identified on camera as a possible accomplice to a two-year-old crime—a bank robbery in which Derek’s father was murdered—and Derek feels a knife twisting in his gut as he begins to suspect Riley, who isn’t Riley at all, may have been the shooter. Why did she sleep with him? Why did she draw it out, sticking around for a week? And yet…all he wants to do is take her in his arms again.

For her part, Riley is shocked by the hardened, angry stranger he’s turned into. He was the only person who had ever made her feel cherished, and now she has her own suspicions: Was any of it real between them, or was he just building a case against her all along? Can Derek ever trust her again? Would he love her if he knew all her secrets?

As they head toward the final crisis, Riley struggles to tell friend from enemy, and the whole truth unravels, until in the end Riley faces one final test of character: Will she run again, or can she take what she’s learned and use it to help others?

Winner of the Lone Star Writing Contest for romantic suspense in 2017, Stay Hidden is a story about resilience, real love, and real friendship, with smoldering love scenes and plenty of surprising, chapter ending twists.