A Wink and a Smile, Anthology

This anthology of short love stories, all guaranteed to end happily, is a charming read. I don't read anthologies often, but I'm always glad when I do because I find the variety of styles around a central theme fascinating. It's like watching eighteen writers show you their approach to solving a particular problem, in this case, what's called the 'meet cute' (girl meets boy, etc.), in a compact space.

I recommend the book as a whole, which is full of cute, funny moments. Several of the stories stood out for me on cleverness of concept ("Critical Error" by Meg Overman, "Cupid's Arrow" by Tricia Schneider), and then there are some that really melted my heart ("Afterlife" by Dev Bentham, "Damage, Cosmetic Only" by Anita Goveas, and "The Wheels On The Bus" by Ilene Goldman). Lots of fun, great read!