The Plutonium Blonde, John Zakour & Lawrence Ganem

Best kind of campy, tongue-in-cheek, private investigator-saves-the-world adventure story with a SF twist. Absolutely HILARIOUS. I kept laughing out loud when I read it. I only regret I didn't stumble across this series sooner!

     BB-2 suddenly dove to the ground and rolled, lightning quick, away from the weapon-fire. The attackers tried to keep up. They sprayed the area wide with energy blasts and explosive shells .... But it was like trying to catch a quicksilver bullet with a butterfly net. They were four steps behind from the start and in three heartbeats' time, BB2 was upon them .... 
      HARV's face replaced the video images on the screen. "The encampment was protected by three dozen heavily armed guerrilla soldiers. It took BB-2 less than six minutes to raze the entire compound ...."
     "And it's our job to stop her," I said. "Well, I guess we're going to have to outsmart her."
     "I hope my next human has your sense of humor," HARV sighed.