Late Victorian/Edwardian Romance novellas for $0.99 or free

Absolutely splendid - found myself unconsciously smiling while reading. Shaw's best lines are here, but with different resonance given the gender switch, which makes them fresh and surprising. The gender reversal worked brilliantly from my perspective: Higgins (as a man) is insufferably patronizing, and the power dynamic (gender, class, wealth, education, even age) is so extremely tilted in his favor that I have trouble enjoying the original, but Moss ingeniously upends the apple cart, resetting the balance to something closer to a tug-of-war, and the result is completely delightful.

A sweet story about a spunky, socially conscious late Victorian heroine and her romance with the troubled but good-hearted Mr. Beaumont.

Racy version of a "North & South" relationship between a young upperclass woman and a factory owner gentleman/not a gentleman she can't help but be attracted to. It was a fun, quick read with snappy banter. I liked "Swept Away" enough that I picked up her full-length "Unlaced," which is Book 1 of her Ashton/Rosemoor series, although I'm less taken with this and have stalled in the middle.

The explicit scenes, rather than the relationship, are the focus here, but if you like big hats and tea parties, the setting is fun.

Sweet "Jane Eyre"-like romance about an orphan who takes a post as a governess to an earl.