A Share in Death, Deborah Crombie

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British cozy mystery, the kind where there are 10 suspects, each with a quirk or secret, but otherwise interchangeable. I always think I will like these because I grew up reading Agatha Christies, but I find they feel emotionally hollow to me now and I'm gravitating toward procedurals. I suspect it has something to do with one's vision of evil or general sense of life as upbeat or somber.

This is the first in Crombie's Kincaid series, and therefore possibly not representative. I never emotionally invested in the detective (despite his catchy name), I think because I didn't see what he cared about, apart from solving the case, although again, that partly goes with the sub-genre territory. What impressed me most was reading the back and finding out Crombie is originally from Texas. I would never have guessed that from her thoroughly English village setting.