But What If We're Wrong, Chuck Klosterman

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Yes, the book cover is printed upside down. Also the book jacket flaps are sideways, just to throw you a bit.

I utterly, thoroughly, completely enjoyed this totally fascinating book. Klosterman imagines how what we think and value now might look from a future perspective, looking back. This is not just a matter of guessing at what might be "hot," but an in-depth, surprising analysis of what makes a book, a piece of music, television, sports, etc. memorable or valuable to people over the passage of time. This includes a retrospective analysis of the curious fate of a book like Moby Dick which had nearly no traction when it was first published, but has come to be almost synonymous with The Great American Novel.

It made me think in new ways. It made me laugh. Absolutely one of the best non-fiction books I've read this year.