Bonus Content

I love collecting photos and doing research when I’m working on a book. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek here about the origins of the story and extras!


Past Lives

The body of a dead teenager, a missing person’s cold case, and a small boy who remembers being murdered in a past life.... Mike Doyle’s first case in Investigations is looking less like a botched robbery and more like the targeted killing of a busboy at Sammy’s diner. When one of the waitresses, Jill, finds out her best friend’s son seems to be channeling memories of a past life, she enlists Mike’s help in reopening her fiancé’s missing persons case as a murder investigation. But is Ethan Penrose’s disappearance a lead or a lost cause? Mike has his own active murder investigation to pursue. The deeper he goes, the more connections keep cropping up as he and Jill unearth the town’s long-buried secrets and a deadly imminent threat.

Fly Away Home

Casey Banks has the glamorous life she always dreamed of, flying planes all over the world, until an unscheduled landing brings her charter flight to the small town of Kerridge, Vermont, and face-to-face with her ex-husband, Elliot. When her grounded passenger, the wealthy Ms. Landry, unexpectedly relocates her daughter’s wedding to Kerridge and puts Casey in charge as unofficial wedding planner, Casey finds herself thrown together with Elliot with three days to pull off a miracle and wondering if maybe, after all her years of running, her heart might be finally leading her home.


The Martian Zombie

Stranded on Mars: Oxygenator breaks down? I’m already dead. Power goes out? I’m already dead. Water regenerator—you get the idea. Potatoes, my friend, aren't going to cut it. An affectionate riff on the original...with zombies.



Young robotics engineer John Michael is headed for fame and fortune until a sexy robot, Chinese spies, a rogue A.I. supercomputer, and a cabal of global super-rich set him on a journey from the glittering big city to the last outpost of human habitation. As time runs out, John Michael must make a choice: hand Lexi over for reprogramming, or help her escape from the people who bought her. Could he really be falling in love…with a machine?


“Puzzle Box No. 1” in Suspicious Activity

35-year-old Fareed is dead on an operating table, but for Lt. Hiro, the jumbled up memories in this dead man’s brain could mean life or death for a little girl, and he’s willing to use whatever unorthodox methods it takes to find the man who abducted her before it’s too late.


Crazy Grandma Genius Baby & Me

Fifth grade is complicated enough for 10-year-old Theo without Grandma and his little brother Toby blowing things up. There’s a cute girl he wants to impress and a bully picking on his best friend, the science test he should be studying for, and his mom might be bringing octopus popsicles to the School FunFest. Can Theo juggle all the balls in the air, or will they land—splat!—like one of Toby’s raw egg catapult experiments?


The Adulteries of Rachel

If you had a second chance with your first love, would you take it? Six variations play out the encounter between two lovers as the story weaves through physics, music, medieval literature, and a novel-within-a-novel. The truth is slippery and the shifting cast of characters have a message of their own for Rachel, if she can hear it, in this novella about marriage, motherhood, and love.


The Curious Case of the Clockwork Doll

1900, Baker Street. A beautiful veiled woman arrives with a case that will pit the greatest analytical mind against an automaton with a deadly secret in this cyber-punk twist on the classic Holmes. Mistaken identities, stolen documents, ciphers, bicycle tyres, and cigar ash add up to murder in this homage to Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective.